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Never feed a fern that has dry soil or the fronds may get brown tips. Place a humidifier near the plant or set the fern on a tray filled with pebbles and water to increase the humidity. Hard water causes white marks on the leaves. Too much fertilizer is worse than not enough. How Morrissey has managed to amass a following is beyond me.

Excessive fertilizerPlants need fertilizer only when they are actively growing. Characters are introduced at random and offer nothing to the story, seemingly their only purpose being a bit of name-dropping. Although a Kimberly fern does not have the long draping fronds of a Boston fern, it is quite superior in every other way. If anyone would visit he town expecting to see a life described by the book, there would be disappointment only. Water Allow the top two or three inches of soil to dry out before watering.

Its long, almost erect sword shaped fronds never leave a mess. If the temperature does get cold, be sure to mulch well to protect the plant's roots.

The flow of the story line is disjointed and has no continuity. The only thing that I enjoyed in th What an absolute rubbish of a book, total wastage of my time. My Kimberly Queen is gettin huge.

Humidity Kimberly queen ferns need high humidity or the fronds turn brown. Most fertilizers have trace elements of other minerals that are lacking in the soil but are necessary for good plant growth. There is simply no story in this book. Although plants may be listed as non-toxic, they can still cause individual allergic reactions.

This extremely adaptable fern looks just as beautiful whether hanging on your porch in the summer or in your dining room during the winter. Touching parts of certain plants, especially the sap, may cause various skin irritations. It is easy to grow and hard to kill unless you over water. Plants that are in bloom or dormant should not be fertilized.

If you hang this plant outside in the summer, it will need more water than when hanging indoors. Nitrogen helps in photosynthesis and encourages the growth of leaves and stems. These salts can burn the roots, discolor the leaves, and cause new growth to be small. Light A Kimberly Queen Fern prefers bright indirect lightVery few houseplants should be placed in direct sun.

Its long almost erectIf the temperature does get cold

Potassium and phosphorus also help in photosynthesis and aid in root and flower development. If they touch a window or table they will turn brown and stop growing.