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He was insisting that I was attacking a bush. He adopted the Islamic name Said Mustapha Mahdjoub upon his conversion. The genre developed in East Africa around the s and quickly became the federating anthem of all Kenyan tribes. Capitalization in the original.

You may be sure that we will keep after this. Marzo had been living in Nairobi, and suggested that benga seemed a good place to start.

We have urgently renewed our appeal to Sweden to provide four additional fighter aircraft and now have hopes that this appeal will be met. We have also made urgent approaches to Greece and the Philippines for fighter units. The violence in Kwilu was followed by uprisings in Stanleyville and in other provinces. The French government sent an expeditionary force to capture Denard and his mercenaries.

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The idea was to imagine a new way of giving local music a home in the global marketplace. As the helicopter was landing, however, an estimated fifty people broke from cover and ran towards it. Because of the absence of an air fighter contingent early in the mission, the whole endeavour was jeopardized.

When I pressed the trigger, only one bullet went off. The Fouga mystery was to remain until much later see below. Outgoing Code Cable to Dr. It was demonstrated that initially air transport, mostly provided by the United States, was crucial in rapidly bringing troops to the Congo, and later to transport them to Katanga.