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Sasikumar spoke of his apprehension to approach an established music director as he was a debut director himself. Every time they are arrested, Kanugu and Somu bail them out immediately. He lies in the hospital in critical condition and is being interrogated by a policeman.

Kasi betrays Paraman and leaves him at the mercy of the henchmen. Filmfare Award for Best Tamil Film.

Swathi wants Jai to go for job

Kangal Irandal from Subramaniapuram is definitely making waves. And hey the video of the song is also good. They come to terms with reality and stay helpless in jail where they befriend a fellow inmate.

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The first half ends here with them running away after the murder leaving a cycle behind. Cops get a call from someone complaining about the friends each time they do something wrong. He had promised to give James a chance if he becomes a director. He learns their situation and bails them out. He requests them to murder the person who was chosen for district chief of party post ahead of his brother.

For every season there is one particular love song that Tamil Cinema assures which would become a welcome hit among all divisions of public. They pass their time drinking liquor and fooling around on the streets opposite the house of an ex-councilor Somu and his brother Kanugu Samuthirakani. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Azhagu, Paraman and Kaasi hatch a plan and execute the person almost perfectly.

This song in subramaniapuram may sound similar due to the raga. This is the first time a Tamil movie featured a promotional song. About Me tamana I err, I loose control at times, pivot animals am an ordinary mortal who has certain convictions and is looking forward to live out every moment.

Balamurali Krishna probably thats why raja used Balamurali Krishna for the carnatic feel. The worthy part of his music is the importance he gives to vocals. Everything about this song would strike one in the first hearing itself. They surrender themselves before the court hoping that Kanugu will bail them out soon. In the meantime, Azhagu and Thulasi develop mutual feelings for each other.

Robin Sharma

Robin Sharma

In the meantime, Thulasi and Azaghu continue to meet up. The flute is used whenever there is a pause in the vocal. Paraman takes revenge for his friend's death by decapitating Kanugu and laying his head at his friend's murder site. Nandanam - Malayalam Movie An exquisite and lovely picture.

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The team relied on this visual information to construct the sets for the film. Sasikumar approached James with the project and the music became a remarkable success. The open voices of the singers Belly Raj and Deepa Miriam hav they sung any other songs? Manirathnam - Film Director Sensation. The movie was dubbed into Malayalam under the same name and remade in Kannada in as Prem Adda.

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Download Subramaniapuram 2008 Tamil movie mp3 songs

The film received highly positive response from critics. But they come in for rude shock when they learn through Kaasi that Somu has been selected for the district chief of party post and is avoiding their contact with the Raichu Break Party. Unsubduable spirit - Circumstances can leave you barren but there is still inner strength from which you can draw upon. To save his life from the clutches of these buddies, Kanugu sets a trap for Azhagar using Thulasi as bait and kills him using his henchmen.

Paraman then calls to Kasi and reveals how he killed Kanugu, during which he sees Somu's henchmen rushing behind Kasi. Paraman is against his friend developing feelings for a girl and Azhagu, not heeding to his friends thoughts, throws up quite a few funny scenes. He makes sure the friends hear about him and come to visit.

The story takes place in the Subramaniapuram area of Madurai city. This one is for lovers of realistic cinema. Helen Keller - What a woman! Things take a sudden turn just before intermission when Somu is not elected for his party's Tamil Nadu's ruling party at the time district chief post and is ridiculed by his wife for being jobless. Accomplishing this task, these guys now look out for killing Kanugu who cheated them.

Sasikumar Samuthirakani Swathi Ganja Karuppu. The song does not feature in the movie but has been released to media. Many of her famous numbers being under Gautham's direction. Newer Post Older Post Home.

The friends strike back killing those men later in the day. Subramaniapuram has five songs composed by James Vasanthan. The story shifts back to the present day where it is revealed the person who was stabbed outside the prison walls is Kasi. It was during the initial phases of Ameer's Paruthiveeran that Sasikumar began his groundwork for Subramaniapuram and left the production to focus on his film.

Engineer by education, writer by passion! The second half begins with the cops finding out that Paraman and Azhagu have committed the murder with the help of the cycle they left behind. The five friends, particularly Paraman and Azhagu, often end up in jail due to frequent fighting. The low-budget film received critical acclaim for its original script, expert direction, screenplay, editing, accurate sets and costumes to resurrect Madurai from the s.