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For what purpose have you built this huge mansion? Your website store is a really great place to find the most wonderful books and artifacts from beautiful India. In it you will also find my guru.

Shree Bhanu Pratap Manik

He got the knowledge gradually, as his wandering mind became steady in self-realization. Walk on your path of devotion and knowledge. Now I have found the abode of bliss.

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Nirguni Bhajans by Prahlad Singh Tipaniya

The Vedas and Shastras could not fathom the mystery of death. Tell me when will you do devotion to God? Please do not get attached to me. They too did not remain in the world, O Ignorant Man! Dharam Das affirms that your mastership is eternal, and you dwell in every heart.

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You are wandering in the world of dreams, and have practiced much cunningness. Even if you stumble now and then, you will still go higher.

For the third alms bring flour, but do not go to the village or the city. All my doubts disappeared in a moment.

Kabir says that he who thinks about his Real Nature will destroy the cycle of birth and death. Kabir says that the value of the body was as small as raw tin, but after Self- realization it became as valuable as gold. Kabir says, dikro maro ladakvayo mp3 song listen to me dear brothers. There are some Bhajans that are very popular and Superhit due to their soundtrack.

Singing bhajans are very common in temples and shrines in India. Gulshan Kumar acted on numerous bhajans for bollywood movies and got well renowned later. The turmoil of this world will not stay under control. Do devotion because, in the world, devotion is the essence of life. In it you will find gardens and the gardener.

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For the sake of love, devotion and the saints, and the spiritual benefit of everyone, the Lord came into the world in this miraculous way. Giving up your regular clothes, you wander begging for alms. Make your life pure, Oh My Dear Mind! Live this life with thoughtful understanding, as the path of life is full of detours. In the world, there was no warrior greater than Arjun, or a generous person like Karna.

You are a friend to the poor and the giver of happiness. You have corrupted yourself in eating and drinking, and in smoking ganja and cigarettes. Go and dwell in the abode of liberation, Oh My Dear Mind! At the places of pilgrimage the pandas are deceiving the world. Kumbhakaran and Ravan were great warriors and were proud of their bravery.

Please extend your compassion to me so that my life may not go in vain. Keep the company of sadhus, drink the nectar, and reap the fruit of the great liberation. Now your boat is in the worldly stream. The night of strong attachments will vanish, and the morning will bring bliss.

He does not know the secret of his own heart, but places his hopes on others. Now I have realized God, the Absolute. The powerful storm of passions had afflicted you. That is good for eyes so that people can focus of your really really great work. The soul is trapped in the noose of desires.

Ring Smart Home Security Systems. She was astonished by the sight of the baby on the flower and, carried away by unusual motherly instincts, took the infant to her bosom and returned to her husband. As you have come into this world, be amongst everyone with love.

At the feet of Satguru, Manohar humbly requests that he should make the human body worthy. You open the door of doubts and reveal them to me. Why wander everywhere without God? Best Morning Bhajan or Prayer. He sits in the lotus posture on the throne, and his form is auspicious.

Awaken the feeling of devotion, Oh My Dear Mind! Satsang is as good as going to the holy city of Kashi. This body contains the magical wish-fulfilling cow and the wonderful wish-fulfilling tree. Light a pure flame in the heart, Oh My Dear Mind! He destroys the darkness of ignorance.

Using that thread with great care, it made this beautiful new creation in the world. He who has a master as Ram, why should he call on another?

Perform whatever dharam noble thought, word and deed you can, as only this will go with you. Niru, ignorant of the reality, became angry and bade her to replace the baby where she found him, as she did not know to whom that infant belonged. Be free of doubts and dance with absorption in love. Without my doing anything, my Lover bestowed upon me the best of love.

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Your mind is intoxicated, and you are self-willed. Learn more about Amazon Giveaway. Later, another lion came from the jungle and seeing him, the cub became very afraid. He, who is separated from the Lover, wanders in longing from door to door. One who is blind to desires can see this strange sport in the three worlds, the universe and the earth.