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His parents immigrated to the United States from Northern Ireland. John soon learned that there was a lot more than just the person in front of the curtain entertaining the crowd. Not only does it have deeply talented crews, but the city's unspoiled architecture perfectly captures London at the turn of the last century.

Also, the ghosts of Bram Stoker and Oscar Wilde walk these streets, which is pretty inspirational for us too. Rather than using bunnies, top hats, streamers, and unfamiliar props like other magicians use, he believes magic should be about performing extraordinary feats with ordinary objects.

All you have to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy the magic moment of seeing your family, friends and colleagues coming together to create a memory that will last a lifetime. People make the answer more complicated than it needs to be. It was at this moment that the strategies the magicians were using to develop new concepts were more fascinating to John than the routines themselves that they were performing.

This is why he uses simple, organic, and borrowed props in his shows such as books, cell phones, and playing cards. No need to stress - John has you covered. The Next Generation during one of Mr. Whether you're looking for a modern day magician to entertain the crowd or an interactive keynote speaker to help others reach that next level of creativity, you came to the right place. Better yet, John realized that these techniques could actually be applied to other aspects in life to help people achieve their goals.

We all know the feeling when people create assumptions when they only know half the story. As a result of seeing the connection between the performing arts and entrepreneurship, John now travels to leadership conferences and innovation summits to share his findings in an interactive way. He wants people to realize that magicians are masters at looking at something from a different perspective.

Also the ghostsRather than using bunnies top