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All are worksThis proposal was

All are works of great elegance, with an almost academic finishing touch. This proposal was accepted and was punctually fulfilled, the painter's death alone preventing the execution of some of the ceiling-subjects. As a modern critic has noted, Tintoretto conveys a feeling of an almost precipitate falling forward or of an equally swift rise. It is said that up to the age of fifteen she used to accompany and assist her father at his work, dressed as a boy.

Benedetto are the Annunciation and Christ with the Woman of Samaria. And in those spaces the painter introduced crowds in harmonized order with the rest of the picture, a feature that had until then been missing in Venetian art. With these four works in the Scuola di S. Tintoretto's art is characterised by daring inventiveness in both handling and composition. Proof of this is, above all, the dramatic style in which the scenes are executed, a style that firmly impresses their romantic pathos on the beholder.

The Presentation of the Virgin Mary in the Temple c. Similar episodes are counted by contemporary sources as proof that when it came to his work the painter knew no scruples.

Detail of Portrait of a Venetian admiral s, National Museum in Warsaw where the original undercoat shines through the bold brushstrokes. He was indeed a man devoured by a passion for painting and not for pecuniary gain, for he committed himself to grandiose undertakings for exceedingly modest remuneration. Tintoretto was asked to name his own price, but this he left to the authorities.