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Chat window lists all members of home network who are currently available. Common Settings Trasnfer Mode Select mode.

If it is pushed, then the sealed message will open. Support unopened message monitor. Enable to open attached files in log viewer.

Your message has been reported and will be reviewed by our staff. Favorite narrowing Narrow favorite checked messages. If it is checked, this dialog will be not shown. Thank You for Submitting a Reply,!

Desktop apps for Windows RT

Export Settings Export settings to. AutoSave is enabled, even if it is a folder. Trasnfer received messages to slack or another server during lock screen. You can drag and drop files or photos into the chat window to send, or just type messages back and forth. To add marker or modification will reflect all viewers.

Support to add to firewall exception list for receive. The receiver must use receiver's own password to open a locked message. Fix to prevent send opened-notification packets excessively. Fix message reproduce problem at restarting.

Only font size and thickness are changed. Fix rare problem that duplicate sending with Send Queue mode. The master collects members information periodically, and if some change is detected, it send these notifications to each segments.

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Category Category Communications Subcategory Chat. You can change the font in your own chat window but it doesn't show up that way in the other person's chat window at least, we haven't been able to make it work that way so far. The context menu reveals multiple options, where you can access the log and set a custom status for when the computer is idle. Support select users by user sended history. ToolBar Jump to latest message button Jump to latest message.

Also, it includes a download status monitoring tool that keeps track of all the file transfers, as well as an utility for storing unopened messages. Support to confirm that reply-addressees are changed.

If it is pushed return key, jump to next searched message. Enable to reply in message blank area. Fix to prevent duplicate input at pasting. If it is over, New message can't be received. Avoid by multi thread Improve logviewer.

Narrow userlist original addresees only at replying as default. Any bug report, suggestion and recommendations are welcome in the support forum.

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Redistributions of source code must retain the above copyright notice, this list of conditions and the following disclaimer. If it is clicked, it will be expanded. The screen capturing tool, together with its transfer capabilities make it a must-have tool for all network administrators.

Specify quote string at replying. The application's appearance is customizable, as you can modify the font type and size for both the list and the message editing sections. Fix quote positoin settings. So we recommend to use Member Master function instead of this field.

Link behavior One click open Open a link by single click. Does not support video chat or voice chat as far as i can tell. This settigns overrides the above ipmsg settings.

Cons You can change the font in your own chat window but it doesn't show up that way in the other person's chat window at least, we haven't been able to make it work that way so far. Become a Master Become a Member Master. Summary I like how this program works. Narrow unopened messages Narrow unopened messages.

In current version, ipmsg confirms Windows Firewall Settings at starting. Notification Area Icon Open Windows notification area icon settings. If you receive a message with an attachment, kmplayer for then an attachment button will be displayed. Enable auto updating by default.

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Support auto download option for attached files. If it is pushed return key with Shift key, jump to previous searched message. Fix to swap UnOpened area and Fold Button. Software Version, Operating System, problem situation, repeatability. Add unopend filter button.

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