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Another example of this is an application that you consider a problem. Written permission from Pearson Education, Inc. Configuring the length of the event horizon is a tradeoff between consuming system resources and being able to detect an attack that occurs over a long period of time. Reproduced by permission of Pearson Education, Inc.

Then by monitoring deviations from the baseline, you can detect potentially malicious activity. Our examination, however, reveals that many attacks invoke cmd. It must also work fast because exploits can happen in near real-time. This state information can then be examined whenever cmd. Then it also needs to track the sequence numbers for the established Telnet connections.

Because everything is contained in a single packet, no state information is needed to identify this attack. Accessing the command-line interface is a common mechanism to launch attacks against the system. Host-Based Examples For a host-based example, we are going to use a commonly used Windows command shell called cmd. This was last published in February Related Resources.

Then by monitoring deviations from

The entire inspection can be accomplished in an atomic operation that does not require any knowledge of past or future activities. On any operating system, such as Windows, which relies heavily on a graphical user interface, utilizing the command shell to configure the system can be indicative of uncommon behavior. One common method for detecting anomalous user behavior is to establish a baseline of the operations that a user normally performs on the system. The intrusion system must maintain state information for the duration of the event horizon. Requiring a specific event to be detected in a known context increases the likelihood that the activity represents legitimate attack traffic.

Our examination however reveals

Furthermore, analyzing the alerts can minimize the time that your security staff spends identifying more serious attacks that represent valid attacks against your network. Generating a large number of bogus alerts can also impact the performance of your monitoring applications and devices.