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These studies could be considered studies

Recently, research is growing on the biomechanics of other types of soft tissues such as skin and internal organs. One such example is in tissue engineered cartilage. When the two surfaces come in contact during motion i.

Some common material models include the Neo-Hookean behavior, often used for modeling elastin, and the famous Fung-elastic exponential model. His spirit and teachings would lead the world once again in the direction of science. Consequently, bones must also increase disproportionately in girth rather than mere size.

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Proteins such as collagen and elastin, for example, exhibit such a behavior. He analyzed muscle forces and movements and studied joint functions. Some soft tissues can be preconditioned by repetitive cyclic loading to the extent where the stress-strain curves for the loading and unloading portions of the tests nearly overlap. This interest is spurred by the need for realism in the development of medical simulation. An example of a gaseous biofluids problem is that of human respiration.

In vivo whole blood is assumed to be an incompressible Newtonian fluid. Ligaments connect bone to bone and therefore are stiffer than tendons but are relatively close in their tensile strength. Vesalius published his own work called, On the Structure of the Human Body. Leonardo da Vinci studied anatomy in the context of mechanics. It is a study of the performance and function of biomaterials used for orthopedic implants.

However, as the diameter of the blood vessel decreases further, the red blood cells have to squeeze through the vessel and often can only pass in single file. Elements of mechanical engineering e. Borelli was the first to understand that the levers of the musculoskeletal system magnify motion rather than force, so that muscles must produce much larger forces than those resisting the motion.

He contributed to mechanics and military and civil engineering projects. Elastin is also a major load-bearing constituent within skin, the vasculature, and connective tissues. He found that the professors could not prove what they taught so he moved onto mathematics where everything had to be proven.

Inspired by this finding Julius Wolff proposed the famous Wolff's law of bone remodeling. However, the field is continuing to grow every year and continues to make advances in discovering more about the human body. Giovanni Alfonso Borelli embraced this idea and studied walking, running, jumping, the flight of birds, the swimming of fish, and even the piston action of the heart within a mechanical framework. This assumption breaks down when the length scales of interest approach the order of the micro structural details of the material. This work not only revolutionized science and physics, but also the development of mechanics and later bio-mechanics.

These studies could be considered studies in the realm of biomechanics. An often studied liquid biofluids problem is that of blood flow in the human cardiovascular system. Cardiomyocytes are a highly specialized cell type.