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The range of techniques available to solve them is nearly as wide. The weighting of performance measures reacts to the decision-maker's utility. On the other hand, suppose the model is such that home value is an increasing function of each of the four characteristics cited, as we should generally expect. By analyzing nature's optimization mechanism we may find acceptable solution techniques to intractable problems.

The controllable inputs are the setThis is why religions such

The controllable inputs are the set of decision variables which affect the value of the objective function. This is why religions such as Buddhism, among others, prescribe living an abstemious life. Temperature is a model of climatic conditions, but may be inappropriate if one is interested in barometric pressure.

This criterion is often referred to as the measure of the system performance or the measure of effectiveness. Most optimization problems have a single objective function, if they do not, they can often be reformulated so that they do.

Next, the solution will be presented to the decision-maker in the same style and language used by the decision-maker. Within each class of problems, there are different minimization methods, which vary in computational requirements, convergence properties, and so on.

This process of maximizing or minimizing is referred to as optimization. However, some methods are only appropriate for certain types of problems. Optimization modeling requires appropriate time.