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Part of it is due to a different worldview, in that the authors glorify the survival of heathen ways among the people of the Baltic states, which is something that tends to make me deeply uneasy. The small winding streets play host to cafes, restaurants and boutiques. Just outside Vilnius sits the impressive medieval Trakai Castle. Vilnius is home to one of the largest Old Towns in Eastern Europe. They make good on these claims.

So take a seat and watch the bustle unfold. The authors appear to assume that readers will mostly want to stay on the beaten track.

The verdict of this book is

The book opens by promoting its application, and then show what it considers to be the best of the three nations, along with some information about the Baltic states and their people. This book looks gorgeous, full of vivid colors and details, including a bit of help for those seeking to pick up at least a few words in the endangered local languages of the region. On the one hand, it is gorgeous and gives a very good visual perspective of traveling to the Baltic nations.

The verdict of this book is a bit mixed. The authors also clearly assume that readers will want to enjoy saunas, visiting churches and Soviet-era relics, and visit castles as well as beaches.

Lithuanian cuisine features the spoils of its cool, moist northern climate, namely barley, potatoes, berries and mushrooms. The architectural offering is overflowing in variety with baroque churches, Italian renaissance and Russian Byzantine, and even some Jewish elements to boot.

The authors also clearly assume

Interspersed with these are various insights on Russians, Timber buildings, the singing tree, the wired nature of Estonia, Art Nouveau architecture, basketball, and amber. After this comes a section of features that shows life today, religion, culture, folklore, nature and wildlife, outdoor activities, and food for the Baltic states. View more trips to Lithuania. Yet while this book is easy on the eyes, and certainly among the most pleasant travel books one can flip through, reading the book is not necessarily as pleasant an experience.