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In order for evidence to be material, it must be found necessary to prove a key element of the case. Juries do not have to hear from twenty separate character witnesses to know that the defendant is typically an honest person. For example, the defendant's previous criminal history of drunken driving would be inadmissible since it is not relevant to the matter on trial. Evidence is one of the most important aspects of a criminal trial.

The answer may surprise you. Ad Inadmissible evidence usually lacks reliability, which means that it is not trustworthy. In Act Two, Maitland's crimes receive their due punishment, as he is deserted by everyone he ever cared about, including his clerk, his mistress and his wife. The defendant's prior bad acts, or previous criminal offenses, must be very relevant to the matter on trial.

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The gender of the minor is irrelevant. Finally, competent evidence is any object or testimony that is proven to be reliable within a case. Sometimes a judge will exclude evidence that is relevant for other reasons. It proves nothing and will only distract and upset the jury. However, the hearsay rule has over forty different exceptions such as the dying declaration exception.

The person telling a story wasn't actually present when the story was unfolding. One juror leans over and whispers to another.

Real evidence is any object that was directly involved within the case. When lawyers need to convince a judge or jury of the truth or falsity of something, they often provide evidence to back up their claim.

Real evidence is any object that