Ik Multimedia Miroslav Philharmonik

On the other hand, Stretch helps a number of patches make the most of the keygroups supplied. The full useable range of nearly every instrument is covered, so the lowest note the real instrument can produce is the lowest note you can use to trigger the instrument from a keyboard. Some of those headings will be self-explanatory, others initially less so. Previous article Next article.

Miroslav Vitous A Jazz Legend Miroslav Vitous is a Czech-born musician and educator known around the world for his work as a jazz bassist. Miroslav Vitous's orchestral library was the first of its kind, and more than a decade after its launch, has been reinvented as a self-contained virtual instrument. The samples at the heart of Miroslav Philharmonik represented something of a high-tide mark in sample-library history. You'll have a feel for what instruments are provided in Philharmonik by reading through the main review. Philharmonik patches than listed here, because of the inclusion of variations such as solo, honey script light font ensemble and different articulations.

However, there's currently no stand-alone mode. So use the insert effects sparingly if your computer seems to be struggling. Taking advantage of natural decays, glissando effects and so on requires two or more voices to produce convincing results. Finally, all the humanity, passion and acoustic grandeur of a real symphony orchestra is available in one convenient, affordable and easy-to-use package. Double basses have some of this weight and presence but work better in ensemble presets.

These are classics that include everything from tubular bells to harps, harpsichords to choirs and much much more. Upper ranges are also capped to keep tyros within the boundaries of what is possible in the real world.

Cons Demands a lot of its host computer. These macro controls give you quick access to the most musically relevant parameters you need to custom tailor the sound of the instrument to fit your composition. The organ, on the other hand, is magnificent.

Ecstasy. Passion. JoyThe most emotional orchestral collection ever

The cutoff control gives adjusts the filter, so you can quickly make any instrument darker or warmer. With these sounds, you won't just be playing notes, you'll be playing the passion of the master musicians behind the instrument samples themselves. Miroslav Vitous pioneered the concept of a complete symphonic sample library for real composers, and now he has taken it to the next level. In addition, the new mallet instruments have been recorded using different types of mallets for the utmost in sonic and tonal flexibility.

IK Multimedia Miroslav Philharmonik

It can also add even more weight to an arrangement if the context can handle it. As sample libraries grow, so they become harder to summarise in any sensible manner. Think of it as a way to jumpstart your creative process. Despite being huge and expensive, the collection became the mainstay of many media composers, and was eventually released for Roland and Emu samplers as well as the original Akai. On a day-to-day level, I found that two Instruments would sometimes be required to perform one part, since no single Instrument had the right mix of playing techniques.

Ecstasy. Passion. Joy


Keygrouping occasionally not detailed enough in exposed passages. Although I'd have liked an E-flat clarinet and an orchestrally focused sax or two, I can't complain about the variety of this collection, especially for the money.

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It displays the loaded instruments and also gives you quick access to essential controls like volume, pan mute and solo. With the release of this plug-in, the set becomes the serious orchestral library for the rest of us. Want some brass with power? These macro controls give you quick access to the most relevant parameters you need to easily tailor the sound of the instrument to fit your composition. On this evidence, that reverb is going to be worth a listen.

It was made for the music, not for the money and not for the hype. The user can't choose a multisample to work on from scratch, but an existing patch can be freely edited. This combination of articulations lets you create string tracks with unparalleled realism and feeling. Violas have an exaggerated scratchiness that is often attractive but can make it difficult to create a balanced arrangement. And of course, each Part can contain its own articulation-switching instrument for an added dimension.

Many solo instruments in this set are ideal for just this application. You get a woodwinds quartet and a quintet that are both available as master solo instruments.

Doing so is a bit of a faff but at least you only have to do it once, and at least it means you can install the software on more than one machine though you can only work on one copy at a time! Both give you the freedom to start arranging immediately without having to load multiple instruments. Its solo and ensemble instruments come with a treasure chest full of useful articulations that go far beyond the standard sustained, staccato and pizzicato. At least the chosen Syncrosoft system is used by several other software houses, most notably Steinberg, and authorisations from various programs can be consolidated onto one key. And it's feeling that you can't get with other orchestral collections.

Do the same thing, but use the Edit page to set the specific key range for each instrument. That we have it all, and more, in a ready-to-go plug in for under quid, a fraction of the library's original cost, is amazing. Then as with the other categories, there are master key switching instruments for each solo woodwind. An impressive collection of mallet instruments is also provided that includes a concert marimba, a glockenspiel, orchestral chimes and a vibraphone.

IK Multimedia Miroslav Philharmonik

Mac and the Mac logo are trademarks of Apple Computer, Inc. The plug-in costs a fraction of the price of the original library. It's the tension and mystery filling your love story set in the French Riviera with delicate tragedy. Pros Great value all-inclusive library. However, applying these pure synthesis parameters to such a musically involved collection of samples does often result in synthetic sounds that have a similarly organic feel.

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You can also access single instrument articulations as individual instruments if you prefer to work without key switching. Rather than inputting notes, you're actually playing the sounds.

Note the keyboard display showing off key split zones. Such comprehensiveness might seem obvious, but not every commercial plug-in developer has grasped the concept.

Whether the combi is multitimbral or a massive layer, you can save the final result. The number in parenthesis is the amount of variations for each instrument articulation. Special ranges elements offer low- and high-range maps of samples for plonking within specific Combi key ranges. Play it plucked or use one of its many glissando styles to make your productions sing with emotion. Articulations let you really bring your performances to life.

The password field is case sensitive. The central display is also largely identical, bar colour scheme and a slight rearrangement of the file and search buttons.