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Your cat may seem disoriented, uncoordinated, and occasionally blind temporary. There is no test to diagnose epilepsy per se, our tests simply rule out other causes of seizures. If you observe your cat having what you believe is a seizure, the most important thing to do is to observe every detail you can about it so it can be described to your vet. However, it is certainly true that a cat having seizures should be fed a balanced diet that supplies adequate taurine. Phenobarbital and related anti-epileptic drugs can have side effects on the liver, especially if high dosages are required.

There is no test to

Obviously, the owner may miss some episodes, since they can not watch their cat every minute, but the calendar is beneficial. Contrary to popular belief, a cat will not swallow his tongue. Take your cat to a veterinarian. Your cat may appear excited, vomit, salivate, run in circles, collapse, and have uncoordinated muscle activity. If a cause of the seizure can not be identified, the condition is diagnosed as idiopathic or primary epilepsy.

Your cat may seem disoriented

Based on these results, further tests may be indicated. Severe seizures could result. After the seizure is over, your presence and attention will probably comfort your cat as it regains consciousness.

Systemic or Environmental Causes Sometimes, conditions outside the brain can affect its function and induce seizures. Generalized seizures affect the whole body and can be divided into two types, grand mal and petit mal.

The decision of what lengths to go to is an issue between a pet owner and veterinarians. Symptomatic epilepsy refers to seizures caused by an underlying condition.