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Carly tells Sam and Freddie to try each other's favorite hobbies. She and her friends then decide to make her grandfather change his mind, which ultimately fails when a kitchen fire erupts. They try to ditch her, but she ends up being the number one fan of Spencer's former bandmates.

However, Gibby soon realizes he doesn't possess the talent to play in a band. They then return to her house, but will they make it out again? They cover themselves by telling Principal Franklin that they wanted to know when his birthday was, and they give him her microwave oven. When they get home, Sam goes to the fridge to get food and finds her laptop in a pizza carton.

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While doing an iCarly bit, Sam gets a text and learns that her mother, Pamis being held in a Las Vegas jail. Carly and Spencer become upset when their new neighbor Griffin steals the motorcycle that Carly bought for Spencer. Benson Mary Scheer and sends him home for a tick bath when he doesn't even have ticks. Carly and Sam ask Freddie to edit his voice so that people will not make fun of him.

Carly discovers that Sam has checked herself into a mental hospital, thinking she's crazy for liking Freddie. When Carly confronts them, they confess to the principal that they tried to mess up the interview because they did not want Carly to leave Ridgeway because they would miss her.

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Meanwhile, Spencer bumps into his old babysitter. Carly steps in to resolve an argument for Sam and Freddie.

She threatens to call the police and expel them unless she performs on her webshow. Carly tells Spencer to let her down easy. Fleck keeps infuriating Dave's restrictive father much to Dave's dismay, and the girls are drawn into the conflict.

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Carly is convinced that a show in Hollywood is stealing her ideas, so she and her friends take a trip to Los Angeles in order to stop the cast and crew. Meanwhile, Carly helps Spencer create a splatter paint sculpture.

However, the bride begins to have second thoughts about going through with the nuptials. James with a football and gets detention on the same day they were preparing to air the show.

They both go downstairs smiling and Carly says goodbye to Sam, Freddie, Gibby, and Spencer for the last time. However, Freddie realises his mistake and breaks up with Valerie. When Sam learns Carly went to the party, she goes there, too.

When the group disrupts an important government feed to talk to Carly's father, the government cracks down on them. Carly doesn't know what to do. Devlin due to printing on three hole paper, Carly gets upset because she wanted to get straight A's, and this grade prevents her from doing so. Please read the following before uploading Do not upload anything which you do not own or are fully licensed to upload.

After Jonah ends up destroying Spencer's art piece, Carly talks to Jonah. Carly convinces Sam and Freddie to try out each other's hobbies. In the end, he ends up getting back together with his ex-girlfriend after she hears him sing on iCarly, and because he assumes that Carly is dating Freddie after seeing her kiss his nose.

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Unfortunately, when Spencer powers-on his sculpture, the power goes out, ending the show before it can break the world record. After Carly gets a shock from stepping in a puddle causing her hair to mess up and Freddie's new computer crashed for using the Wi-Fi, Carly realizes how terrible Techfoots are. After reverting to their old roles, will they stay together? However they still continue webcasting after a gas leak in the studio and become tired during the show.

Jonah tries to kiss Carly, which freaks her out. Carly gets sick and transmits her illness to a member of the British pop group One Direction. Meanwhile, Sam and Freddie have a bet to see if Sam can read a book.

Freddie tries to tell Carly that she has no right to tell Spencer no more fencing but takes it further by telling Mrs. Carly tags along when Sam hangs out with Dana, an old friend from juvie. Freddie remotely activates the webcam with the laptop's serial number, and they see an old lady in front of it. Carly finds herself in the middle of all of Sam and Freddie's arguments as a new couple.

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Watch Full Episodes of iCarly. They do not want her to do this because it would mean the end of iCarly. As a result, bailey and love mcqs book they decide to do iCarly in detention. Benson to change her mind.