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How to Let God Solve Your Problems by Charles Stanley download in ePub, pdf, iPad

God already knows how it is going and but when you tell him he just might speed things up but keep in mind that everything happens on God's time. This book has taught me that the Lord is sufficient for all my needs, including solutions and answers in times of trouble. Still there are parts I had trouble understanding due to poor grammar and sentence structure. This book is very spiritually uplifting.

God already knows how itThis book has taught me

Sometimes people are in a big hurry and the get so tired of waiting that they wear themselves out and get sick in the process. God has a divine plan for each one of us but we must listen to God and obey his commandments. It is a glowing example that time, patience and perseverance are needed for a peaceful journey in our life. God does not want that to happen but there is a reason for everything. If we surrender our life and its problems to God then we will see how we can avoid unwise choices in life.

God knows how it will all end but while we wait we should obey and pray to God.

Stanley spells that out toward the end of this book. This does not mean that everything will be sunshine and roses or those we will not have to wait for God's answer to obtain the perfect solution to our problems. There were a few moments when his worldview and mine clashed, but he did an admirable job of sticking to scriptural advice, with minimal editorializing. God wants to help us and He has not forgotten the promises he will give to those who believe and have complete faith in God.

An inspiring book to read. Stanley writes about God's timing and other ways we need to depend on God, because that is what it takes, a full dependence on God and not ourselves or others. Stanley and I don't always agree.