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Human experience of space is too complicated to be reduced to the peaks and valleys of a landscape. McHarg also gets credit for presenting a vision of what to do with geographic information from different sources.

These systems allow data to be captured in two and three dimensions, with elevations measured directly from a stereo pair using principles of photogrammetry. It was developed as a mainframe -based system in support of federal and provincial resource planning and management.

Documents from the early computer era vanish quickly. Created a persona for McHarg, set a vision for planners. Some of the most lauded uses of the software, though, include expressly social activist aims. Carter provides a summary of a key period. Indicative of the era when input devices were scarce and output devices had rather low resolution.

Imagine a man standing on a road. In New Haven, Connecticut, the U. These are some source documents, some more accessible than others. Since digital data is collected and stored in various ways, the two data sources may not be entirely compatible. If map areas, called polygons, could be converted to data points and geometrically related to other data points, then each place on a map could contain infinite dimensions of information.

Tomlinson attended a training session given by Horwood and his team in at Northwestern University in Chicago. This was renamed in to MapInfo for Windows when it was ported to the Microsoft Windows platform. As Tomlinson listened to Pratt describe his plan to collect and synthesize thousands of maps to document the wealth of the vast Canadian landscape, he felt a rush of serendipity. The Canadian government had commissioned Tomlinson to create a manageable inventory of its natural resources.

Remotely sensed data

Ushahidi, for example, is a collective and open source mapping effort to document violence that began in the aftermath of the Kenyan presidential election. Remotely sensed data also plays an important role in data collection and consist of sensors attached to a platform. Hard-to-find, very rudimentary printer graphics. Makes some reference to geographic analysis, but no mention of computers to execute these procedures.

He envisioned using computers to merge natural resource data from all provinces. Scanning a map results in raster data that could be further processed to produce vector data.

Ushahidi for example is