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Color flow mapping in obstetrics. Comparison of transabdominal and transvaginal sonography. Prepared by the Task Group Committee no. Distinction of benign from malignant ovarian cysts by ultrasound. These cyclical changes, however, may be evident if the patient is on hormone replacement therapy.

The uterosacral ligaments serve to keep the uterus in an anterior position. Conception in the Human Female.

All manipulations are performed to move target structures into more favorable scanning circumstances e. Ultrasonic testing is a type of nondestructive testing commonly used to find flaws in materials and to measure the thickness of objects. Endometrial thickness as measured by endovaginal ultrasonogrphy for identifying endometrial abnormality. This is particularly true when relatively large, especially fundal, fibroids are present.

Transvaginal colour flow imaging and ovarian cancer. Early ovarian cancer detection is both a medical and political hot potato. Report of the Task Group on Reference Man.

Color Doppler flow as an indicator of trophoblastic activity in tubal pregnancies detected by transvaginal ultrasound. When performing endovaginal ultrasounds, elevating the patient's hips or placing the patient at the end of the examining table facilitates greater downward excursion of the probe handle. The first and older, is transabdominal, the second and more recent, is transvaginal.

Ultrasound inspection of welded joints has been an alternative to radiography for nondestructive testing since the s. Ultrasound study of the endometrium during in vitro fertilization cycles. Depending on the desired effects of treatment a combination of different frequencies and displacement amplitude is applied.

When performing endovaginal

If too full, the patient may experience excessive discomfort, which might result in guarding. Use of intranasal luteinizing hormone-releasing hormone agonist in uterine leiomyomas. It is a metallurgical processing technique in which ultrasonic energy is applied to a metal object.

Diastolic flow was demonstrated in all subjects. Endometrial Response to Hormonal Therapy. During these scale-up steps, it is essential to make sure that all local exposure conditions ultrasonic amplitude, cavitation intensity, time spent in the active cavitation zone, etc. Decreased uterine perfusion - a cause of infertility. Few diseases are as evil as cancer.

Color Doppler flow as an indicator