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It is later revealed that despite Randy's warning, the seniors managed to run down even more helpless victims across South Park, sparking public outrage. Randy manages to save the boys, who were playing street hockey, and they flee from the many cars recklessly wandering the streets. He asks Gerald where the boys are.

Marvin's driving is at the current senior standard of bad and Officer Barbrady pulls the car over and takes Stan's grandfather to jail. But in the end, he comes through. Moments later, the house gets overrun by seniors making the wrong turn and going the wrong way even on the second floor. Stan also tells his grandfather that he should be proud to be a senior, but he should realize that he is a killing machine when he is driving, an assessment that Grandpa accepts.

With their well being at stake, the boys decide to take action against the older generation. Stan suggests that they just lock the doors from the inside, which is exactly what they do. Safety helmets will be supplied or you may bring your own. Garrison sees a large number of old people dropping out of the sky. Randy tells the boys that since they get up early, they are the only hope for getting the town back.

Officer Barbrady pulls the car over and takes Grandpa Marsh to jail. And Gray Dawn, like the reader, is not perfect, and that's refreshing.

It is a restaurant so popular among elders that they are dependent on it. When Randy finds out about the meeting he realizes that when the it is over, all the seniors will be driving on the road at the same time. Fleeing to the woods, the Wolverines of South Park strategize on how to save their town, their parents, and possibly the whole country. When the meeting is over, all the seniors will are driving on the road at the same time. Gray Dawn, the cowardly puppy who desperately wants to be liked, discovers that when the person he loves is in danger, he is as brave as his master could wish.

Randy manages to save theIt is later

As Randy runs toward the boys, Kenny spots all seniors driving. Grandpa Marsh drives always to pick up his new Hover Round and the boys accompany Grandpa Marsh on the trip, theorizing they will be safer if they are in the car. During a class session later on, Mr. There are a few things that stand out in this game. If the proper attire is not worn, they may have to be sent home.