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Darren tried to focus on his task but couldn't help to glance at her every second, and even more when she started to raise her voice's volume. They didn't dislike each other, but the only reason they met was because of Darren.

But Lauren was in a different place now. Whoever doesn't realize that, is a fucking asshole, and doesn't worth your tears. Now there was a huge abyss between them, and she wasn't ready to go through it.

They were just the two of them now. That was the one who truly cared about her. The tears started falling so quickly that she didn't have time to whip them.

But she didn't know what she was doing there. All those things probably wouldn't care two hours ago, but now were torturing her. She heard him giving silly excuses, and alike he heard her first sobs.

She felt angry to him and pathetic for herself. Flewpowder, but we gotta get going, come on, get your trunk, let's go! Yeah, but he won't say anything to her.

Their lips found each other and they closed their eyes, as if that was the first time, even though they have kissed before for plays and shows. We need to study hard if we wanna be good witches and wizards! Those were the kind of words she wanted to hear, that was the kind of support she wanted to hold her. That's what I feel for you too. She was still crying quietly when he put his hands around her and pulled her the closest he could.

Lauren waited until Draco's part to enter onstage. But she didn't have an idea about what he was saying, her mind was still in the last song, in the last lyrics, in the last second where his voice broke and the last chord lost in the air.

Watch me fall, down to earth Take me back, home She never would have thought something so cheesy would catch her up like that. He approached her and stood up in front of her to catch her attention, so she put her hands away from her face and looked at him with her eyes watery and her cheeks covered in tears.

But definitely now she was laying on his bed, and obviously she interrupted something she wasn't supposed to. They both were aware of it and they both leaned forward at the same time. To Diagon Alley, of course!

Yeah, too bad she's dating Cedric Diggory though, ah? Silly of her, he could have been cheating on her since they started dating and she wouldn't notice it. What was he even trying to do? She introduced them both in one of her first shows but didn't expect something like that. She was the worst at that kind of talks.

Her heart was increasing its speed at unimaginable levels, his way to explore her was leading her to insanity. He headed one hand to her head and grabbed it to deepen the kiss. How was Lauren supposed to act now?

Harry Potter, He's Harry Potter. Her eyes opened as she put the biggest scared face that was possible. Your review has been posted. The screams were louder than ever and that woke her up.

But for Lauren the warmth of the last minutes abandoned them. That's the girl Harry's totally been in love with since freshman year. She went for something more?

Darren walked into the room in that moment to put his guitar on its case. Reset Done So, I hope this chords are working for you! Darren frowned when she said that. Darren looked at her, she was still on the table, leaned against the mirror, and her clothes were still rumpled by his own touch. She had been Darren's on-and-off for years, shinee key and eunji dating quotes but the last thing she heard about her was their break up from months ago so she just assumed they weren't together anymore.

She couldn't possibly imagine how they got to that situation. His hands were everywhere, she couldn't follow his rhythm, at one second his fingers were marking circles on her legs and at another one they were on her back, squeezing her clothes. His expression didn't say anything, but he just told her all the things she needed to hear.