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Because, of course, despite the ease with which we can now communicate with and visit one another, they still do things differently over there. Transfers between lines are permitted with the exception of the Airport Express, for which a separate ticket is required. These guys will scam you big time if you don't negotiate a clear fare beforehand. For budget-conscious travelers or those wanting to stretch their legs, it may serve as a better mode of transport than taxis.

If you find yourself in a crowded interchange station tunnel, keep calm and go with the flow, however slow it may feel. If you have a lot of luggage and are going to the airport, it might be easier to get one. Buses and up run between the city center and further such as beyond the Third Ring Road.

Bicycling Beijingers tend not to wear helmets, nor do they use lights at night. Unlike Mr Ma, Mr Xi did not meet reporters after their meeting. Do not buy multiple tickets thinking it will be a pack of general multiple-use tickets as a ticket is only valid from the station you bought it, on the day you bought it. It really does and women love it. Buses under serve the city center.

The Beijing Public Transport Co. You are not permitted to drive a car using the driver license issued by countries other than China. There is only a couple of things I quite disagree and I'd like to share them with you. The card's deposit can only be returned at a few stations, so passing it on to a friend may be easier than getting your deposit back.