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God in Slow Motion by Mike Nappa download in ePub, pdf, iPad

However by the second chapter

Likewise God's Word as our daily bread is also meant to be gone over thoroughly, studied, and reflected upon before moving on to the next enticing morsel. While reading God In Slow Motion there were many times I had to pause and speak to God for the many things that were being put upon my heart and mind. It is a book I would recommend to more mature Christians, who feel the need to return their gaze back to Jesus after living a busy, hectic period.

However, by the second chapter I was finding it hard to put the book down. The afterword was also awesome.

At first it It is beneficial to slow down and digest the Word of God properly and not to be so eager to devour it within seconds. Nappa challenges us to pass this book along after finishing, and while I would love to keep this one for my collection, I just might have too. This book seems to be going under the radar.

The afterword was also awesome

There are things which are talked about in Mike's book which give a different view and greater understanding of what was actually occurring in God's Word and message to us. God in Slow Motion By Mike Nappa, is uplifting and also so interesting that it will be a blessing to you has it has been for me.

Newer Christians might struggle with some of the heady topics and Nappa makes assumptions that we've heard thus story or know that verse. Mike took me deeper into this scene to help me see what a foot washer's status was really looked at during those times and how Jesus was using this to deliver a message to us. Mike has given us bite-sized instances of God to slowly digest.