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The defenders held on until a platoon of German reinforcements arrived and forced them to retire to a nearby village. Previously, Jottrand had asked to put barbed wire around some of these positions, but his superiors had refused. The Life and Times of Hans Bauer. Group Granite suffered six killed and nineteen wounded.

The second was wounded badly upon landing, and Obj. The maximal fire power is kg per minute. Reinforced concrete was used in place of plain mass concrete, and its placement was done with greater care to avoid weak joints between pours.

Its appearance ruined any chanceNow they had to

Its appearance ruined any chance of a surprise assault and gave the defenders sufficient time to destroy the bridge. Now, they had to keep the Belgian defenders bottled up until German ground forces arrived. Receiving a warning of war with Germany, the fort commander, Maj. The success of the mission was breathtaking.

Jottrand, however, was not alarmed. They were able to use the hollow charges to destroy or disable the gun cupolas. After about fifteen minutes from the start of fighting, Stukas were arriving, only to find that their targets had swastikas on top of them. However, the assaulting force's small-arms fire could not overcome two field-guns located five hundred metres from the bridge, thus forcing Altmann to call for air support.

Ground crews pushed the gliders out to the runway, where they were hooked up to the Junkers. The photo at right is of the feature on the left of the panorama.