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What you will find in this section, then, is a fictional account of the way in which, it seems to me, the Apocalypse of Paul could have been composed. This is an exemplary work.

Rather, what I present here is based on my theories as to the origin of the text, and is one possible story that those theories could inspire.

This book offers aLater on in this

This work is the most in-depth study of the Apocalypse of Paul to date and the only full-length discussion of it in English. Some might argue that, in choosing to present my theories in the form of a narrative, I have been unduly influenced by the gnostic authors whose works I study.

This book offers a great deal both to students and to specialists in early Christian studies. Later on in this book, I will behave as a proper scholar should.

You are not currently authenticated. As I explain in the rest of this book, I see the Apocalypse of Paul as a work of gnostic propaganda. It also includes a new annotated English translation of the Apocalypse of Paul and a fictional account of how it might have come to be written. Concepts are not described so much as they are personified and shown in action.