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First Steps out of Eating Disorders by Kate Middleton download in ePub, pdf, iPad

She demonstrates this by following the prescribed meal plan, attending meetings and therapy sessions, and adhering to the exercise and medication plan. Talking to your family, friend or partner You may decide that telling somebody close to you is the best avenue for you in taking the first step towards your recovery. You may decide to confide in somebody close to you or a health professional like your family doctor.

Talking to your family friend or

These are outlined in steps six, seven, eight and nine. She continues to grow in areas of weakness and practices gratitude for her strengths and the progress she is making.

She chooses a higher power and begins to believe in a god that is bigger and stronger than the god of the eating disorder. This includes utilizing the set of guiding principles outlining a course of action for recovery found in the step program. This is the core value in step one. Reconnecting to self and others.

She demonstrates this by

She experiments with accepting the help that is offered. She becomes more and more willing to receive treatment, acceptance, love and healing. When you are considering who to talk to, make sure they are someone trustworthy, sensitive and understanding, who you feel comfortable speaking with. She becomes part of a group, a community of caring individuals. Staying connected to the true power.

Staying connected with others. Trust and beginning to let go. Using meditation, mindfulness and prayer, she taps into the power source inside and seeks to live to her full potential. She develops a sense of connectedness and belonging. The following is an explanation regarding how the first six steps are used in our residential eating disorder treatment center with female residents.