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Family Entrepreneurship by Kathleen Randerson download in ePub, pdf, iPad

Meaning is this going to be a family business that is passed down from generation to generation. Talk openly with family members. You shouldn't be having conversations in the hallway or the bathroom. If you are a home-based business talk to the people you live with. Becoming an entrepreneur can be emotionally draining and time consuming.

Balance family life with

What if you get divorced, how will this impact the business. If your spouse doesn't believe your business is a serious venture, there will be conflict in the relationship. You have a great idea for a business and you are ready to be your own boss.

Be strategic with your finances. It can turn into a very stressful situation for you and your family. Everyone will have a different level of commitment to both tasks. Your family must give you the respect, support, and trust you need to succeed.

Balance family life with entrepreneurial life. Unless you have come into a cash windfall, you are moving from a two-income family into a situation where you may not be making any money, says Augustus McMillan, a business consultant in Baltimore.

Unless you have come into