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Evil and the Mask by Fuminori Nakamura download in ePub, pdf, iPad

The process is the novel itself. The arms business is a gold mine, because weapons are consumables. If we can repeal that we'll be able to sell locally produced weapons to other countries, then whenever a war breaks out we can reap vast profits. The novel turns out be well-grounded in reality.

Here's the long-term plan of Fumihiro's elder brother, also destined to be another malignant tumor in society. Like simultaneous explosions in different places.

The detection is made by the criminals themselves. The crime is already determined from the start. That probably makes it more uncanny.

The novel opens with an extract from the diary of a detective who accidentally got involved in the case. In the end, the detective scratches his head, just as puzzled as he was when he entered the picture halfway through the story.

The process is all that matters. This is only Nakamura's second novel to appear in English translation.

The family business is in fact the very instrument of evil as it built upon destructive, anarchic aims through the trade of war materiel and ammunition. What I'm looking at, as an end in itself, is hundreds of thousands of people dying in those economic currents. Important questions are raised. Unlike the traditional detective novel, the specific detective novel he had in mind are those that are not concerned about the solution to the crime but to the investigation itself.

What I'm looking

No talking cats or leeches falling from the sky in this book. We can include the maintenance in the contract, the whole works. Evil and the Mask turns out to be a novel of ideas, with the evildoing characters speaking in the dialectical manner of Plato.

The family business is