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In the study published in Nature Medicine, Northwestern investigators applied a simple molecular inhibitor that reversed epigenetic imbalance in laboratory models. Now, a Northwestern Medicine study has identified an epigenetic imbalance that silences the expression of tumor-suppressing proteins, allowing cancerous cells to proliferate. The initiation and progression of cancer, traditionally seen as a genetic disease, is now realized to involve epigenetic abnormalities along with genetic alterations. Published by Oxford University Press. Abstract Epigenetic mechanisms are essential for normal development and maintenance of tissue-specific gene expression patterns in mammals.

The distinct patterns of these modifications present in different cellular states serve as a guardian of cellular identity Table I. Kelly Find articles by Theresa K.

Here, we will discuss the important aspects of the key epigenetic mechanisms present in normal cells. Teuton Professor of Medicine and deputy director of the Robert H.

Global changes in the epigenetic landscape are a hallmark of cancer. These modifications work together to regulate the functioning of the genome by altering the local structural dynamics of chromatin, primarily regulating its accessibility and compactness. Disruption of epigenetic processes can lead to altered gene function and malignant cellular transformation. Jones Find articles by Peter A. This organization of the genome into a precise compact structure greatly influences the abilities of genes to be activated or silenced.

The distinct patterns of these modifications