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We want a clear approach that delivers a positive environmental impact without adding burdens onto business or households. It is charged on electricity, gas liquefied petroleum gas and solid fuels used by business. Notes for Editors The government recognises that other taxes can deliver environmental benefits, but their aim is not environmental but revenue raising.

In an ideal world, environmental taxes should be easy to avoid through a change in behaviour and, consequently, hard to evade. The tax would also be mildly regressive, though much less so than widely perceived.

It focuses mainly on a carbon tax but also considers changes to motor fuel taxes and energy tax credits. By setting out a clear, usable definition of what a green tax actually is, people will be able to judge us against the Coalition Agreement pledge. There is a case for introducing a single climate tax on business. Key Findings Environmental tax rates in the United States are lower than in other industrialized nations, and much lower than economically efficient levels.

The current Government has

The current Government has adopted and applied this definition. The North Sea oil and gas industry is going through a difficult period of retrenchment.

These taxes are somewhat regressive, but tax revenue could be used to offset that effect. Inevitably, this will impact on the tax revenues raised from this sector. Environmental taxes have enormous potential to change carbon usage.

The North Sea oil and gas

The Coalition Agreement pledged to increase the proportion of revenue raised from environmental taxation by the end of this Parliament. The energy tax credits examined have small environmental effects and are an expensive way to achieve those small effects.