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This strong preference is explained by the properties of thematic reception and lexical requirement. Parsing head-driven phrase structure grammar.

Syntactic processing evidence from Dutch. This approach follows the current trend away from construction-specific parsing strategies, toward more general processing principles. Many variants of these possibilities have been proposed see, e. The contrast falls out from independently motivated parsing prin- ciples that are used in the treatment of other types of ambiguity.

Another problem with the previous account was that it incorrectly predicted that re- duced relatives in object position should not be garden-paths, as noted by Weinberg personal communication. The presence of this wh-filler requiring a thematic role allows the parser to consider the possibility of attaching an empty category as a prospective tail for its chain. Successive cyclicity in the grammar and parser. On the nature of the principle-based sentence processor. Seven principles of surface structure parsing in natural language.

Using this approach to category prediction, structures are assembled by matching a projection of the current input item either c-node or h-node to a previously con- structed h-node. At this point, no antecedent for the trace has been established, because prediction is a local operation that does not have access to potential antecedents. The only difference is that since traces do not appear in the input, they are inserted during the structure-prediction phase following the input of a word.

An efficient augmented context-free parsing algorithm. That is, if a locally ambiguous sentence has two alternative parses of the input string that differ in cost by one violation or less, the parser can process either possible continuation easily. Processing Empty Categories Jordcns, P. The report that the scientist examined the spaceship was incorrect.

This idea can

This idea can be implemented in a number of ways. We thank Suzanne Stevenson for her help and observations with respect to this issue. The early chain formation counts neither for nor against either structure. Thus there is pre- dicted to be no slowdown in processing for either structure.

We thank Suzanne Stevenson for her

Only structures corresponding to sisters of some projection of the current c-node head in the input are predicted, in order to avoid redundancy and save computation and space. Processing Empty Categories a word which is ambiguous between nominal and verbal readings. If the f o l l o w i n g w o r d is the noun solution, then attachments are pos- sible to both structures. This type of preference plays a key role in our account of filled-gap effects and preferred readings for globally ambiguous sentences in the next two sections. Structure-sharing in lcxical represen- tation.

The interaction of lcxical and syntactic ambiguity. Thus the costs of the two structures are the same, and both structures are carried along at the same rank. Unpublished doctoral dissertation, University of Edinburgh, Ed- inburgh, U. The balance of the paper is organized as follows. Ranked-parallel versus serial models.