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Finally, organizations considering relocation or expansion projects would be wise to put Millennial housing costs high on their list of factors to prioritize. Just as employees leave for reasons other than money, they also stay for reasons like reputation and pride in work. Targeted recruitment efforts and innovative employee development programs can help overcome some of the particular circumstances Millennials face. Millennials in government Federal, state, and local governments have been particularly worried over the past several years about recruiting and retaining Millennial workers. Generations X and Y consider many other factors, including culture, perks, flexibility, and corporate responsibility.

Finally organizations considering relocation or expansion

For example, Millennials are living at home longer, are slower to buy a car, and are much more likely to have student debt. For example, a survey by Pew Research Center revealed that Millennials are much more likely than Boomers and Gen Xers to describe themselves as political independents. It is possible that increases in student debt resulted from constraints on parental finances due to the recession.

As the figure shows, the college enrollment rate among Millennials in all age groups is higher than the rate for either older generation. The hallmarks of the American dream, such as cars and homeownership, are more a dream deferred than a dream abandoned for Millennials. Even if your recruiting is going somewhat smoothly, employer branding can help keep your current employees satisfied and productive, lowering your overall hiring costs.

Just as employees leave

When we focus in on the last three years, we find an interesting pattern. The Millennials are also more highly educated than those in earlier generations. In addition to mortgages, vehicle loans fell after among households headed by Millennials. With Universum, we are more confident about carving our path towards becoming an ideal employer and look forward to continuing our Employer Brand journey with them. As the third largest staffing organization in the U.