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But it is this very thought provoking method that makes us, as readers more curious and thereby wanting to have more of the Foley form of expression. All the ancient and native cultures held non-ordinary states of consciousness in high esteem. Paying scant respect to propriety and discarding mores of convention, both Joyce and Proust packed enough incendiary materials in their tomes to shock and awe. One night, Foley relates, he did just this when he sneaked out to a neighbour's skip with an old ironing board.

We are also constantly reminded not to get bogged down by the apprehensions of the future or to fall prey to the burdens of the past. Viewing both the works as objects deserving to be deified, Foley writes effortlessly about the attitude of the authors which spurred them on to infer joy from triviality.

We have had fifteen international conferences with a stellar list of presenters, many of them academicians with impressive credentials. The world view of traditional cultures is a synthesis of what people experienced in everyday life through their senses, and what they encountered in visionary states. Foley's writing is uncompromising and without any inhibitions. Seemingly bereft of both plot and panache, these novels posed immense challenges to the reader.

This has nothing to do with speculation, it is based on the direct experience of certain realities. It is the fundamental disagreement concerning the presence or absence of the spiritual dimension in the universe. That way we can sacralise the profane, even empathise with estate agents with tragic hairdos. However, there is another aspect of this difference that is truly extraordinary and surprising.

Irreverent at some times and irascible at others, some of the passages in both the novels were controversial and vitriolic enough to provoke derision, disgust and despair. To die of a heart attack from one of his fry-ups would surely be the ideal way to go to Heaven. It didn't work, but I'll keep trying. They embraced a world view that describes a radically ensouled universe permeated by Absolute Consciousness and Superior Cosmic Intelligence. The more we attempt to disengage ourselves from the welcoming embrace of the present, the more disillusioned we become getting mired into the quicksand of unrealistic expectations.

But it is this veryAll the ancient