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Eat the Word, Speak the Word by Rachel Hickson download in ePub, pdf, iPad

Those who are with God, and faithful to him, he will deliver from trouble or carry through it. This is the train of thought which underlies Jeremiah's expression here. If necessary make note of questions for future study. It is a time of reflection upon some truth or some aspect of the person of God. There are other Bibles which are not exact translations but paraphrases.

The Lord called the prophet to cease from his distrust, and to return to his work. Bible study is intended to change us, to bring us into conformity with Christ and to a fuller appreciation of God. Ask questions or share thoughts with others. Earnestly beseech God to speak to you through His Word while you study.

Application is the fruit of your study. There is firm expectance of gradual learning and growth, rather than magical effects from spasmodic rushing to Scripture in emergencies. God speaks in the first person or through His representatives. Wait on God when necessary and do not rush in and out of His presence. We must think carefully about what is being said.

Take plenty of time

An ordinary English dictionary helps you to gain deeper understanding of unfamiliar or key words in the text. It has been likened to the calm and leisurely way in which a cow chews its cud.

Observe carefully the facts of the passage. Try not to linger too much over what you do not understand. Eliminate weak or impersonal observations about Scripture from your study.

Write down each day what you have learned in a notebook or devotional diary for future study and reference. Simple Bible courses can help with background material, doctrinal and book studies.

Underline important words

Take plenty of time and concentrate. Underline important words in your text and make notes on a separate paper.