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We draw from His mighty power, since we do not have any power in and of ourselves. Tighten the belt of truth. He is the sworn enemy of the church and seeks to take us down by whatever means he can.

There is one very important thing we have to put on that's not actually mentioned in Ephesians. Later, she was awarded by the Emperor Dom Pedro I. But even though I was rebuking the enemy, it didn't help because I wasn't really prepared to fight him. She served in the Continental Army in the Revolutionary War.

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He is the supplier of every resource that Christians need to stand in the battle. The last two weeks in specific, we have looked at the reality of our enemy the devil and his angels, A.

Our strength is found in the Lord. She served in General Guise's regiment in the army of the Duke of Northumberland, and then in the marines. She journeyed through hostile Burgundian territory disguised as a male soldier. Help Charisma stay strong for years to come as we report on life in the Spirit.