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He pulled her panties down and his pants, positioning the head of his cock at her entry. Not asking for permission this time he used the juices from her cunt to wet his thumb and circled her tightest opening a few times before he pushed it into her ass. They laid there until his cock went soft, falling out of her and then he promptly fell asleep, snoring in Ali's ear.

Ali began to shake with desire and whimper quietly. Jerry nestled himself behind Ali and held her tight.

Not wanting it to

To bring out her wild side. Not wanting it to be over, he shoved himself back in half way.

She groaned and pressed back onto his cock just at the moment it was passing her tightest hole and the head went in with a pop. Out an inch, in a half an inch until he was almost fully out. Eventually she was able to pass out. They were just wrapping up at dinner and Jerry figured it would go into effect by the time he got Ali home.

Sure enough, as they pull up to her house he looks over to see a bit of perspiration glistening on her chest, beading down between her perfect size C's. He started stroking them just above the knees as she rested her head on his shoulder. Ali lay awake, wondering why she still felt so alive after having downed nearly a bottle of wine at dinner and having the best sex of her life. Jerry used his free hand to cup her chin, turning her head up so their lips could meet. The next morning Jerry woke up to the smell of coffee.

To bring out her wild side

He pressed down so he could feel his thumb against his cock through her vaginal wall and he felt her jerk and shake against her orgasm. He kissed her softly at first, focusing more on his hand that was now traveling up and down her inner thigh, with the lightest touch he could muster. He pressed hard in both spots.