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Dope Shope sung by Deep Money. Niri sukki vodka na maareya karo Thoda bahuta limca vi paa leya karo Naale thode tikke-shikke tussi khaa leya karo Ainwi khaali tidh liver na saadheya karo Ehna vi na dope shope maareya karo. Enna vi na dope shope maareya karo, kabir bhajans mp3 saanu eh ve keh nak chahdeya karo. Yo yo honey singh Deep money money Hey hey kudiye. The soundtrack of the album has been composed and programmed by Yo Yo Honey Singh himself.

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Car's, orange's, cow's, puppy's etc etc? Any punjabi guy or girl, plz translate this punjabi song in hindi with video inside for me?

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International Villager

Kehnde si ge munde Teinu sirre di rakaan. German time question help? Become a translator Request new lyrics translation. Banjara - The Truck Driver. What do I tell your friends?

Saade likhe khatan nu na paadeya karo, na hi duje mundeyan nu eddan taadeya karo. This article has multiple issues.

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The song Gabru from the album has spent time on top of the iTunes charts. Related Questions Punjabi song plz translate?

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This song is composed by Yo Yo Honey Singh. More lyrics from the album. We have Biggest Collection of Hindi Songs Lyrics, so you can search your favorite songs lyrics by movies names, by artist names, by music directors and lyricists. International Village Song Lyrics. All drugs and drug dealers you can go to hell.

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Ehna vi na dope shope mareya karo Saanu vekh ke na nakk chhadeya karo Saade likhe khatan nu na paadeya karo. Popular Artists Popular Songs. She doesn't even add water to her drink.

International Villager

Don't try to be cool, we are wondering whose nose is moving up and down when you look at us. Responsive Theme powered by WordPress. Are you sure that you want to delete this answer? Kehnde si ge munde, Teinu sirre di rakaan. Honey Singh's lyrics of International Villager - Album insult and point fun at women as the subject of some of his songs.

You eat it with some tikke - shikke. Ehna vi na dope shope maareya karo saanu vekh ke na nakk chahdeya karo Saade likhe khatan nu na paadeya karo Na hi duje mundeyan nu eddan taadeya karo Ehna vi na dope shope maareya karo. Ena vi naa dope-shope mareya karo Sanu eh naa keh nakk chahdeya karo Sade likhe khataan nu naa pahdeya karo Naa hi dooje mundeyan nu eddan tadeya karo Ena vi naa dope-shope maareya karo.