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What I want to do is get it in your hands as fast as possible because when you understand what you've got, you're going to start talking about it to your friends. This price won't last forever, but for a limited time I'm going to not only meet but beat the low prices of our imitators. Appropriate discount pricing strategies dispel this idea and introduce the idea of a limited price drop for buyers who respond quickly.

For example, if a five percent sales discount didn't encourage more orders, offering free gift wrapping or shipping might be a more successful promotion. Every company in every industry is potentially at risk. One reason for offering a discount is to make a new product introduction into an event.

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It's also a good idea when your supplier offers discounts for larger order volumes and you can purchase stock at a reduced price. Most value add offers are a priceless item that's of benefit to the customer.

For example, mid-week specials for restaurants, surf shops offering sales of last season's stock over winter, and ski shops offering the same discounts over summer. Discount Pricing for Product Introductions No single discount pricing strategy works best in every situation. While strategists have foundered in old paradigms, a new breed of competitors has emerged. It's important to understand your customers and what offers they will be attracted to. And the rising tide of companies like Dell, CostCo, Skype and Linux means that asking them at all may soon be futile.

The first works when the decline has to do with increased competition over price with competing products. My favourite example and shopping place is big box Costco. The implications are enormous. Value added offers Without discounting the price, you can offer your customers an added value to their purchases. The underlying strategy here is to announce a new product along with a special discount offer good for either a limited time or for a limited number of customers.

This strategy calls attention to a new product by offering a lower price to those who respond fastest. Ad copy for this kind of promotion needs to demonstrate that you or your company is excited about the product. Understanding the specific moves and tools that the authors analyze will be valuable for attackers and incumbents alike.

For example, grocery shops and clothing retailers regularly encourage shoppers to buy one get-one-free, buy five and get-one-free, or buy one and get the second item at a reduced price. For these first sales, the last thing I'm interested in is a profit.

This is true for seasonal clothing, festive merchandise, travel bookings and restaurants. For example, a computer hardware supplier could provide an installation guide, or free installation support with purchase.