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Quite unknown to him, Suraj has survived and is living with Deepak's mom. Bobby Deol is accussed of the murder but flees from the authorities in order to prove himself innocent.

Trivia Mumtaz and Roopesh Kumar get married in this movie. It will have a fresh cast, crew and music directors. The trio suspect each other of being the father.

Despite the flaws, one has to acknowledge the fact that Dharmesh Darshan succeeds in melting the heart at several places. Deepak arrives, he is welcomed, takes over the business, and the estate. Mahima Chawdhary looks absolutely stunning through out and is first rate in her role.

Movie and song is very nice. Visit Prime Video to explore more titles.

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Life seems perfect until one day when Bobby Deol wakes up in Akshay's house and finds out that Akshay's wife has been murdered. Three bachelors who are compulsive womanizers find their lives turned upside down when a baby is left at their doorstep. Summing up, despite flaws and weaknesses, this potboiler of the seventies is a nice timepass. It became a big hit among the masses. The film deals with the love triangle.

India portal s portal Film portal Bollywood portal. Hence though the curiosity remains for the audience as to how the truth will come out and be proved, there is nothing like suspense. He takes his retainer Kewal also with him and starts the journey to his native place by train.

Roopesh Kumar was never considered a good actor and barring a couple of movies, he always did nautanki in the name of acting. It was a very predictable love tale and sketchy movie with sketchy characterizations. Journalist Roma Singh is the daughter of a jailer. Another such plot is reincarnation of a murder-victim to seek revenge from the killer. One such plot is an imposter's taking place of a wealthy person in his household for the purpose of usurping his wealth.

My fevoret song and beautiful movie. The album was listed at second position in the yearly music charts. This goes on for some time, causing turbulence and turmoil in Ram and Anjali's life. Anjali finds out that Ram is not respected, but does not care as she does not love him.

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For other uses, gahire pani book see Dhadkan disambiguation. Write Message very nice my hart song- tum dil ki dhadkan me rahte ho. Still the movie is interesting and a decent one time watch. This is my favourite movie and his movie song.

Dharkan contains a combination of them. This was nothing spectacular. However, the shadows of the past continues to haunt him. Interesting movie n solid songs. He relies more on close-ups to capture expressions, which is the hallmark of a seasoned technician.

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Dharkan - IMDb

The story has been narrated in such a way that the character of the villain gets the maximum footage and attention in the narrative. The entire marriage song-sequence in the initial reels, prior to it the scenes involving Sharmila Tagore, Sunil's portions in the second half, clearly indicate that the director knows his job well. He has done the same during the major part of this movie also especially during the last one hour. Now having come to know the truth, Deepak plans his homecoming and informs his widow mother and his long lost friend about that.

Kewal now usurps the whole business and property as Deepak. However when the train reaches its destination, the audience sees that the person who meets Deepak's mother and Suraj is actually Kewal who calls himself as Deepak. But Sameer's new roommate Sunny, has some plans of his own. Even the screenplay is a lift off from those.

Because her father does not like Dev for his bad manners and arrogant outlook. The biggest minus point of this movie is the villain. Ram is a man of great ideals, who believes in giving a rightful place to his wife and respects her sensibilities. Very lovely film mere tarf se five star. Speak Your Mind Cancel Reply.

Was this review helpful to you? This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. He could have presented it as a suspense story but he decided to allow the audience to know the truth from the beginning itself. Learn more More Like This. When Anjali puts forward to her parents the proposal of marrying Dev, she is rebuked and gets an outright refusal.

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He is very controlled and handles this difficult role with sincerity. His friend Darshan Rajendra Naath who is a cop, also accompanies them. Ravi's music is overall good. While taking a tour of the jail, she is molested by some of the inmates, and an inmate, Vishal Agnihotri comes to her assistance. In real life they are first cousins.

Dev loves Anjali and wants to marry her. Reincarnation issue also remains known to the spectators much before it is revealed by the narrator.

However director Devendra Goel has faltered in his job of presenting this interesting story on the screen in the perfect manner. Akshay Kumar, Rekha, Raveena Tandon. They make friends with their new neighbours Akshay Kumar and Bipasha Basu. Then things change, when Ram decides to assert himself and asks his family to leave him and his wife alone. Things get complicated when a matinee movie idol begins to tag along the policeman so he can research a movie role.

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Dhadkan Movie Mp3 Download

It seems as if he developed cold feet as far as justifying the grey role of Sunil Shetty is concerned, and ends up portraying him on a positive note. The supporting cast including the actor in the role of the original Deepak Roy are well in place. Sanjay Khan was a chocolaty hero of his time and his looks as well as acting are pretty charming.