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Raja and Kajal get married, but Raja tells her that he will not touch her until she accepts him. This beautiful hand painted Bollywood poster features a stunning rendition of the two lead actors embracing under the rain. Home Blog About me Contact. Thank you for Subscribing to ScoopWhoop Notification. Mangala confesses her earnest gratitude towards him for saving her husband's life.

Her father comes to take her back with him and Ashok shoots an arrow in his back to counteract him. Ashok gets thirsty, and Lali, unaware of the fact, gives him that bottle of poisoned water. Honestly, this list could go on forever, but we'll stop here and give you some time to cherish this dose of nostalgia. The soundtrack and background score was composed by Nadeem-Shravan and all the lyrics were penned by Sameer. Raja escapes and he and Ravi beat Pratap, after which they find Kajal, tied up with a bomb strapped around her.

It once again highlighted the Deol brand of entertainment. He gets him treated and befriends the man, who turns out to be Ravi. After the corpse of their son is cremated, Ashok returns to his palace with Lali on his side. Kajal and Raja stay together, honoring Ravi's memory. When you visit ScoopWhoop.

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Ashok reluctantly gets married to Mangala, the beautiful princess of Thakur Amar Singh. Lali becomes upset and fears that Phulwa will take his revenge on them. After Ashok leaves, Lali's father instructs his tribe to pack up and resume their march, leaving Lali behind.

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Sara Zamana Haseeno Ka Deewana Movie Song

That's the video, but what takes the cake is the beautiful song which can put other romantic songs to shame even today. Photographic stills from various songs in the film are seen below. But, if they did, it better be good. Not only was Farhan Akhtar's Don good, its music was kickass too.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. There are so many hilarious moments and comic timings in the movie. This one is an all-time favorite and gets me singing as dramatically as possible. Pratap then hires hoodlums to murder Ravi, who is thrown off a cliff along with Pratap's son, Narender.

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In the meantime Lali's father, who is the head of his community, sends a man named Phulwa to look for her. Ratan meets with an accident while carrying the coffer upstairs.

Kardar Films scored by Naushad. Kumar Sanu, Sadhana Sargam. Originally hand painted on canvas by master Bollywood poster painter V.

The other characters are also very funny with different caricatures. Eventually Mangala gets too fond of Ratan, and Ashok finds it irritating.

This was for every lovelorn aashiq of the millennium. The King's men are there at once and they take Ratan to Queen Mangala.

Deewana is a Bollywood romantic drama movie directed and produced by Abdul Rashid Kardar. Classic bollywood movie poster of the blockbuster Hindi film Deewana for sale. Yeh Dil Deewana - Pardes Only when we thought Sonu's songs were all romance and no passion, this happened. And this heart warming song, sung by Sonu Nigam and Alka Yagnik, captured the essence of the movie perfectly. Sonu Nigam has always been a Yash Raj favourite and even though the movie was not able to create a stir, the songs were quite a hit, craigslist email extractor especially this one.

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In the meantime, Ashok and Lali get married to each other and come to meet Lali's father. Another mind blowing track from another amazing Sonu Nigam album! In a new city, the widowed and depressed Kajal tries to get over her pain.

Ratan befriends Mangala's son. After returning from the hospital, Kajal accepts him and falls in love with him, and the two are finally happy together. Stunning large close ups of Madhuri Dixit wearing retro sunglasses and Aamir Khan appear on the top. One of the most peppy numbers by Sonu Nigam, this song is a personal favorite.

This was the song that strengthened our belief in love. Hence Mangala is compelled to stay with Ashok. He begs Kajal's mother-in-law to have Kajal get married to him.

They accuse Lali of having given him the poison. Also, don't miss the video, it has some crazy special effects that will blow your mind! Ravi sets the bomb off, causing a large explosion, killing Pratap and him once and for all. This will not post anything on Facebook or anywhere else.

Deewana Songs LyricsDil Deewana Mp3 Songs

Supporting actors include superstar Bollywood comedian Mehmood, along with other actors such as Pran and Om Prakash. Before his death, Ratan discloses that he is Ashok and Lali's son and his mother never gave the poison. Lali gives birth to a boy whose father is Ashok, actually.