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In the crew of an Eastwind Airlines flight briefly lost control of their as they approached Richmond, Va. We can't see a flight where that would occur. Once the directive is issued, the company will have about five years tomake the changes in planes currently flying. Industry and government correspondence show airlines and Boeing arecomfortable with measures already in place to address rudder problems on theworld's most popular commercial aircraft.

All that investigators were able to conclude is that a rudder deflection did occur, according to information from the airplane's flight-data recorder. The gyroscope effect of large centrifugal masses is taken into account. The continued to roll, but the nose began to rise. There are now several different models from which to choose in the Cam-Am lineup, from stripped-down monocrhomatic sportster to full-dress tourer. Gears can automatically be taken into account as masses.

Thehigher speed was officially adopted into Boeing's operating manual lastMarch. The Crossover Speed The Crossover speed is the speed at which full lateral roll control isneeded to balance the roll due to sideslip caused by full rudder deflection. Since the first two Accidents were issued there have beenno further fatal accidents but there have been some unexplained rudderincidents. This causes the bike to fall to that side and to veer, er, steer, that way.

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That would leave the plane without navigational control if the primary rudder failed. However, Boeing personnel came from Boeing military andBoeing Long Beach, not from Boeing Seattle where the is made, becauseSeattle engineers could be too familiar with the rudder. The rest of the test drive passed in kind of an odd haze as I wavered between going slower to save my skin and going faster to make it come to an end sooner.

Further, during this flight testing full rudder hardover malfunctionswere conducted in order to quantify B handling characteristics and recoverytechniques with full rudder deflections. It takes an extremely vigorous and extremely dorky-looking lean towards the inside of the corner to preserve anything like cornering force. They blame a rogue wind in the United Airlines crash and a mis-rigged yaw damper for the Eastwind incident.

There is no proof that this malfunction has ever occurred in flightbecause ice would melt afterwards, leaving no marks. They could also spray water into therudder mechanism, producing ice.

The linkage isn't pressurized or heated, and operates intemperatures as low as C. Require that all existing and future Boeing s have a reliably redundant rudder actuation system. Analysis has shown that a single crack in one leg of the component is not in itself an unsafe condition.

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Twenty miles or so later, I was safe and sound in the parking lot, kneeling in what I hoped would look like genuine interest in the brake calipers while I thanked Almighty God for my survival. The linkage includes a summing leverthat stops the rudder at the position specified by the pilot. After the incidents, the dual-servo valves on both airplanes were inspected for cracks but none were found. Driving the Spyder three-wheeler at that speed is, frankly, terrifying.