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It trapped its social andThe American modernist house alone

They started to refuse, but I gave each a pair of swimming trunks and before long they were bobbing about in the pool, along with five Americans I had invited. Reviewed by John Ehrman Social and cultural approaches have a lot of potential for expanding our understanding of intelligence history. Others were to be knocked down by a Department of Interior project to clear obstructions from the Mall. From bucolic and rural roots, the area had undergone a distinct gentrification of country homes since the early part of the century. She had bought the land, what was then an acre and a half of cornfield on a former plantation, by from a Labor Department official and friend, Clara Beyer.

The American modernist house alone in the countryside was the nascent first step in a process at times optimistic, at times fearfully possessive, which spread out from its own backyard. It trapped its social and political agendas in the very grain of its concrete, in the serial length of its corridors. Their wives did the same at gender-segregated gatherings after dinner. How much a reader agrees or disagrees with this point of view will do much to shape their reaction to Covert Capital. Set at one end of what became the Dulles Corridor, the Langley complex was also part of a key, unrecognized spatial sequence of Dulles family buildings that played crucial roles in U.

There was a space for a garden and some three hundred small trees and bushes, many of which I dug up in the woods and replanted myself. As if to lure them, the swimming pool was completed and used first.

At this time, the Georgetown parties were migrating to McLean for a greater novelty and rustic chic, one that, usefully, kept the parties well-attended. The strategic move dovetailed with an invigorating social one.