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There are several areas which I highly recommend. Many feel that Nyhavn almost defines what Copenhagen travel is all about. The other option is Jaegersborg Dyrehave, which has several attractions. Well worth the price of only kroner. And there is no shortage of cozy cocktail bars either.

You can take one of the water taxis over to the other side of the harbor if you wish to visit. Learn more about The Planetarium. You could also get off the bus and take the same bus line back to where you started or choose a tourist area you wish to visit along the route. You are better off exploring the city on your own or purchasing a walking tour. King Gylfe of Sweden promised her all the land that she could plough.

Also, you must bring some bread for all the ducks, birds and swans along the harbor front. The Parks- Natural Copenhagen Sights Copenhagen has some absolutely wonderful parks, and you should visit as many as you can.

Many feel that

There are numerous walking paths and places to enjoy nature. Rides and paid events are not included. Glyptoteket is a big place and it has extraordinary light in all rooms and halls as well as in their tropical garden. During the summer visit one of the swimming areas along the harbour - it is a blast. If you plan to go more than twice this year, get a season pass.

There are several areas which

If you are only in town for a short while these bus tours will give you a nice overview of the city. Langelinie is a bit north of Amalienborg Palace. Louisiana This museum for Modern Art is one of my favourite spots when I want to enjoy a day of reflection. Contact us at editors time. Meet new friends or old friends and revel in the camaraderie that abounds in Nyhavn.