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David Ludden Sarah Hodges. It seems truer every day now that South Asian regions have distinctive histories.

For Sanger, Stopes and others, the object of birth control was never solely the poor at home, but also embraced the poor across the globe. The History of Medicine in Context. Her project is not to read current contraception issues back into the past but, rather, to explore contraception as a feature of the late colonial context in South India. Contrary to popular belief, India has one of the most long-lasting, institutionalized, far-reaching, state sponsored family planning programs in the world. In so doing, it illuminates India's role in a global network of birth control advocacy.

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The biopolitics of contraception moved in various directions. In that project, she succeeds admirably. The relative weakness of the state's role in her story, and the prominence of international networks of marketing, science, medicine, and advocacy, suggest alternative ways to frame South India.

She also sets her approach apart from later feminist projects of female empowerment. Urban high-caste reformers in North India sought to improve public health by reducing the population of poor low-caste people. British India might be usefully thought of not as one single colonial context but, rather, as many. The history of birth control in India brings these as well as additional complications to the field. Recent studies have also begun to reveal regional diversity.

They experienced the political and economic world environment before quite differently. This book in The History of Medicine in Context series concentrates on the colonial context of contraception in the Tamil-speaking part of Madras Presidency in British India. This book outlines the early history of birth control in India, particularly the Tamil south. In the interwar period, in British India, this detachment relegated contraception to appropriation by social activism, attached variously to nationalism.

This book outlines the early history of birth control in India, particularly the Tamil south, and illuminates India's role in a global birth control network. History of medicine in context. During the inter-war period the country witnessed the formation of groups dedicated to promoting the cause of birth control.

Request Changes to record. Abstract Birth control holds an unusual place in the history of medicine.