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Equivalent to primitiveFor the sake of argument

Equivalent to primitive or ancestral these terms not being used in cladistics. For the sake of argument, suppose that it takes each of these comets four million years to orbit the sun. It does make a difference which units one uses for mass. Some asteroids were later discovered to orbit in these gaps, but their orbits are unstable and they will eventually break out of the resonance due to close encounters with a major planet. Satellite data goes back even further.

The Kuiper Belt probably has anywhere from million to several billion comets, which probably formed there when the planets formed. If there were no means for replenishing comets, then all of them would have the same age. On the moon, of course, a ton would weigh much less.

Since each presents strong arguments, we defer trying to decide which paradigm is correct. Astronomers detect new long-period comets at the rate of about one per month. Amino acid The molecular building blocks of proteins.

Amoeba A microscopic, single celled protozoan consisting of a naked mass of protoplasm. Since they lose material each time they pass near the sun, they soon burn out and must constantly be replaced over billions of years. To write like that in was inexcusable.