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As residents were beginning the task of cleaning out flooded homes, a team with the Florida Baptist on Mission arrived to help.

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All the crews are made up of volunteers. It is an exceptional venue to enjoy the different mouthwatering cuisines from all over the world that tourists will surely love.

Another Elmhurst Street resident, Sandra Guyton, said she appreciates the volunteers who have helped her to clean her home, and tear out walls and duct work in preparation for repairs. Sticking to a hectic schedule every day may lead to a job burnout.

McLaurin was seated near her car porch, which was full of her belongings which were salvaged and covered with a tarp. According to Nelson, there are many states represented who are doing work throughout all the counties that were touched by Hurricane Florence. Nelson said the primary purpose is to try to make the situation better, and get the homes ready to be repaired. This week, the team has been helping residents on Elmhurst Street in Clarkton.

According to Nelson there are