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Nobody can conceive that nature ever intended to throw away a Newton upon the occupations of a crown. If our government ever fails, it will be from this weakness. Cooperating with nature in her ordinary economy, we should dispose of and employ the geniuses of men according to their several orders and degrees.

Good men will obey the last, but bad ones the former only. But I wish only to be excused from intermeddling in business in which I have no skill, and should do more harm than good. To preserve it in that will require unremitting vigilance.

The family of a belovedIt requires indeed

Persons qualified for public office should feel some obligation to make that contribution. We are able to preserve our self-government if we will but think so. But that will be fortified in proportion as the calls for its exercise are repeated. The county plans to use the report for short-term and long-term strategic planning and communications.

It requires, indeed, self-command. The family of a beloved father will stand with the public on the most favorable ground of competition. It would have been a prodigality for which even the conduct of Providence might have been arraigned, had he been by birth annexed to what was so far below him. It is not easy perhaps to say of what length exactly that tour should be, but we may safely say of what length it should not be.