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Cities on a Finite Planet by Sheridan Bartlett download in ePub, pdf, iPad

However, it further articulates and applies the concepts associated with urban climate change governance by bridging formerly disparate disciplines and approaches. They do so by engaging with rich empirical evidence of actual cases of cities that have worked actively to deliver sustainability outcomes.

Theoretically the book builds on

It also assesses the extent to which cities can address the Sustainable Development Goals within commitments to also dramatically reduce greenhouse gas emissions. This book highlights where there is innovation and progress in cities and how this was achieved. Empirically, the chapters investigate new multi-level urban governance arrangements from around the world, and leverage the insights they provide for both theory and practice. In this, it highlights how much progress on these different agendas depends on local governments and their capacities to work with their low-income populations.

This book represents a powerhouse

This book represents a powerhouse of knowledge from distinguished scholars in the field. Theoretically, the book builds on nearly two decades of scholarships identifying the emergence of new urban actors, spaces and political dynamics in response to climate change priorities.

It promotes the importance of learning from the experience of cities, unifying a deep drill of nine case studies that distil the essence of what works, what does not work, and why. Cities - both as political and material entities - are increasingly playing a critical role in shaping the trajectory and impacts of climate change action.