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Chronic Illness and Disability by Esther Chang download in ePub, pdf, iPad

She will have this disorder for the rest of her life and will suffer periods of extreme fatigue that may limit her ability to function. They should ask for help with cleaning, cooking, even shopping. Physical disabilities range from mild to severe. John was in a car accident as a teenager, and as a result, he can no longer use his legs.

Church groups or community education classes may provide invaluable resources. Many have regular meetings which may be close to the family home.

Physical disabilities can be genetic and acquired before birth. Siblings can often have feelings of jealousy or anger, but their understanding of the illness and their coping strategies will change as they grow older. The only way for parents to do that is to take care of themselves. With these responsibilities comes a wide array of emotional responses. Even having them down in writing will give a sense of control and time to analyze future actions.

Church groups or

Give them age-appropriate tasks, and they will develop a sense of accomplishment and pride. John's friend has a hearing impairment and a speech impairment. Education First and foremost, education is a source of power. When researching the available financial help, parents can feel overwhelmed and worried.

Physical Disability Meet John. John suffers from a physical disability. John uses a wheelchair to compensate for this. Learn the answers to these questions in this lesson and test your knowledge with a quiz at the end.

Many have regular