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They can go through different phases as they develop and become more independent. Furstenberg and Kathleen E. Toddlers and adolescents can have their challenging moments and this might mean they push limits from time to time. Inappropriate behavior is consistently exhibited in at least two different settings.

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Perhaps surprisingly, they seem to prefer angry or critical attention to being ignored. Depending on the severity of the problem, the treatment can be offered across different settings, for instance at home or in educational and community settings. This in turn may result in avoidance behaviour.

My mum and social worker told me to go and see someone for help. The behaviour breaks from age, social and cultural norms. Specialists can help to fully assess what is causing the problem and also to suggest practical ways of improving the difficult behaviour. The most prominent diagnosis fell under the spectrum of anxiety disorders and a minority were diagnosed with depression. With the help of parents, carers and teachers, most of them will learn to behave appropriately.

It was much better spending time with my friends. We are beginning to understand that there are many different possible reasons which lead to conduct disorder.

As a result, the behavioural definition has to capture a diverse student population. Journal of Learning Disabilities, Vol. When learning disabilities and behavioural problems appear together, it is important to identify whether the behaviour is secondary to the learning disability or co-morbid. When the negative behaviour is caused by the learning disability, the solution to that behaviour often lies in dealing with the learning disability.