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Against this notionOn the other hand habitual activities

It is interesting to note that, to the extent that this is so, the uniformitarian assumption invoked by Darwin is violated. Which would mean that its a priori probability was virtually zero. According to Monod the origin of life should also be viewed as such an occurrence, and as such, as scientifically intractable i. The universe was not pregnant with life nor the biosphere with man.

Time, Structure, and Fluctuations. In general, spatiotemporal epigenetic controls during development serve to shut down what is otherwise noisy gene expression, e. The modeling relation is therefore not able to anticipate unique events, or even effectively deal with the uniqueness of each event see paper by Auletta and Torcal, this issue. Whatever is impossible has no chance which is why chance favors only the prepared mind, i.

But this lack of relevant information does not mean that life could not have arisen by chance. Immanence is alien to modern science. In reality there is only one way, which is to witness the possibility become actuality.

The autogen however constituted thus constitutes a minimal self-entailing, evolvable system. Within a given context, some possibilities may be afforded a better chance than others. An autogen is a hypothetical construct consisting of an autocatalytic set of chemical reactions that produces macromolecules that self-assemble into enclosed containers.

Co-evolution of genes and metabolism. But if and to the extent that Darwin is right, they should. In a modern industrial economy it is provided by community, art, science, and small farms and businesses. Science can neither say nor do anything about a unique occurrence. In this paper I use the word chance in as general sense as possible, eschewing definitions that would serve to focus the argument on one or another specific meaning.

Against this notion, this powerful feeling of destiny, we must be constantly on guard. On the other hand, habitual activities informed by the modeling relation continuously create new opportunities i. As discussed below, the chance for any specific thing therefore changes over time, and may either increase or decrease possibly to nil with development of a given system. All religions, nearly all philosophies, and even a part of science testify to the unwearying, heroic effort of mankind desperately denying its own contingency.

Universality in intermediary metabolism. In short, the plasticity and hence sustainability of a system depend on it remaining open to chance.